A Crazy Journey – 2

Lorraine learned, with a mix of surprise and logic, that the members of the Sean Pine Fan Club she met on line were not teenagers. They were in her age group. They were  divorced, widowed, or never married. They either had children who didn’t live with them, or no children. They either lived alone or with some relative/roommate who was as much part of their lives as a table cloth.

Although she’d like to ‘pull her skirt aside’ and claim she was not ‘one of them’; as they were rather loopy, she had to admit it was kind of fun to splash around in a fantasy world.

Yes, some of the members seemed, from what they posted;  certifiable, and the rest were not people she  wanted to associate with, yet…and this was the point…she had nothing in her life.

She was divorced, her sons lived far away and she never was close to them or their wives.

So what was the big deal if she banged on a computer and wandered around crazy land with other women who were in her situation?


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Written by jaylar

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