Falling Star – 7

Heath Alexander Pine sat at his computer, answering an email from a fan. It was many years since he had received a fan letter.  So many years since he played Ares on Signs of the Zodiac.

It was one of those science fiction dramas which he rated somewhere between silly and meaningless. The role had emphasised his physical attractiveness, his height, his power, his presence.

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Many women went insane over him, and he took it as his due.  Especially at the Sy-Fy Conference where he, along with other ‘luminaries’ of the television sci-fi genre strutted about in costume.

He was at the pinnacle. Everyone knew him, everyone worshiped him.

And then the show was canceled.

It was canceled and he shrugged, expecting hundreds of roles to be offered to him.


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Written by jaylar

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