A Crazy Meeting – Part V

Years ago, Lorraine had travelled about a thousand miles to the ‘Con’ as they called the Science Fiction Conference, to see a particular actor; Sean Pine.

Sean Pine.

A man with a slim filmography, who had gone into oblivion shortly after he was dropped from the show after two seasons.

He had created quite an interest. There had been many websites and message boards devoted to him.

Lorraine had gone to this ‘Con’ as a kind of joke, a kind of exploration, traveling by air to a city, then taking a bus to the one where he would be.

On the bus she met some of those she knew from the message board. She found them funny, caricatures of themselves.

She had booked a room at a Motel at the fringe of walking distance as she didn’t want to be too close and pay the inflated rentals.

The others packed into nearby venues, two, four to a room, all to see their great Actor.

Sean Pine.


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Written by jaylar