A Crazy Meeting – Part VII

Lorraine had been in the auditorium, near the front, those years and years ago, watching and listening to Sean Pine give his presentation.

Within seconds of his taking the stage she found him totally obnoxious.  Pompous, dripping superiority, acting as if he and this was so important.

He didn’t speak in a normal voice but with a kind of educated accent, and he looked at those in the room as if they were his minions whom he could send to fight and die for him.

It was all so silly, and having seen another actor do a presentation, the difference was blatant. The other actor had been relaxed and easy, and perhaps thankful to be here, to be paid to be here, to have people around him who liked him.

Sean Pine had the attitude that they should be willing to kiss his foot if he requested and that he was so above it all.


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Written by jaylar