A Crazy Meeting – Part XIII

Lorraine felt a mixture of spotlight and ice.

On one hand, the ‘Great’ Sean Pine, was talking to her. She was close enough to touch him, and if she ever had a fantasy about him, well, here it is.

On the other, she knew she was playing him, because she had no belief or interest in Wicca.

Then, there was an overriding fact, he was pontificating for no reason. Although he was tall and muscular, handsome and seemingly well off, his need for the kind of slavish attention had him talking a bit loud about a topic many would find offensive.

As they walked towards the exit, he invited her for coffee and she went.  She knew he wasn’t attracted to her or interested in her company, he just wanted to talk and get attention.

She imagined writing this interlude on the Message Board; she hadn’t been there for a while, wondered if it was still up.  Why should it be?

Still, if it was, she would post.

Sean Pine was asking if she would be at the February Bridgid.  She asked where it would be and he gave her an address. “I think so…” she lied.


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Written by jaylar