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Comment Those Virily Posts

Does anyone else thrive on receiving comments on their posts. I really do!. Virily is a great writing site, and has many great writers. I do have some regular commenters, however, I would like more comments left on my posts lol. Some writers just click the vote up button. Praise is what makes us know we are appreciated, and that drives us to write even more.

I do have a few posts that have no comments on them, and the posts need comments to make them feel complete in my opinion. I try to comment as much as possible on the posts on Virily. I have clicked the vote button myself without commenting, but I try not to do it very often.

I would like to hear from my readers on this topic of interest. I would like to thank all my readers that have left me comments on my posts, or even just vote me up. Either way I appreciate you all.

Now my posts are gathering more views lol. Thank you with or without comments.


What do you think?

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Written by LaJenna


  1. Well! I am one of those who give upvot without commenting. That’s because my English is extremely limited. Even if I do not comment, be sure I read all the posts I give upvote! (Thanks Google translation for the help!?)

  2. I enjoy receiving comments too. People here are great and encouraging. And I must quite tolerant.

    Communication sometimes gets on me … Or sometimes I can'[t really think of something good enough… Sometimes, I’ve some “not-needed” requirements of myself when I do any form of communication. It’s not a good thing, but it happens.

    I do make an effort to comment though, else at least vote to show my appreciation.

    I don’t read everything here, I do have preferences like most do.
    But there are a handful of writers that I will read all of their posts if possible.

  3. I agree. When people comment even the smallest thing, it makes me feel so motivated to keep going. It makes it feel important. But keep in mind that just because people don’t care, it doesn’t make it less important. But vote ups help too. =) It’s also hard to make comments original and less robotic sometimes, trying to say something unique to the person.

  4. Receiving comments in our post is fun, even if it’s just a small talk. For me, giving appreciation is fun, even challenging because of the many times I have to think hard to make meaningful comments although it is often a bit difficult because of various things. I agree with you that every post requires comments but I also understand that people are often only interested in certain categories, or many friends just post their work regardless of the work of other friends and consequently their posts are also empty of visitors.