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Colour Crazy Challenge

Carrying on with Kims Color Crazy Challenge, I am sharing an orange photo for this weeks orange colour.  The photo above is a virtual image of me in a game called ‘Second Life.’  Second Life is an online virtual world where you can create your own avatar to look however you want to.  I have stuck to the blonde hair and glasses.  The photo was taken in a Japanese style garden, so there is the orange coloured trees behind me.  I thought this was a pretty setting to take photographs.  I like to explore different places in Second Life and visit many kinds of settings and different scenes.  I have been playing Second Life for about 7 years now, and have met a lot of interesting people here.

Thankyou Kim for a fun challenge.  It’s only recently I have been taking part in challenges, but I am enjoying it and finding what photo’s I have to take part.


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