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Cats: My Owner Not Yours

Jealousy tends to face us in our lifetime, many times, for many reasons. Cats act this way too in my opinion. The author’s experience!

Tinker the cat is black and white and is 20 years old, however, he has a jealous brother, Zinger. He is the gray one on the photo.

Zinger will not go in his litter box at times, due to jealousy issues I believe. Zinger bites Tinker too!

Zinger will automatically come to me when he hears me call Tinker to come to me. It does get frustrating, even though it seems so cute at the time.

Haiku: Cat jealousy

Cats purr purr hiss hiss

Territorial issues

Frustrates their owners

If any of my readers have any suggestions about how to stop such cat jealousy please leave them in the comment box below.

Pets, in general, all tend to become jealous at times. What to do to solve this problem may be an ease one, or it could take a lot of trial by error.

Photo belongs to the author LaJenna.


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  1. I see jealousy in my two cats. All I do is try to spend time with each of them separate as much as possible. They will fight over who will sleep beside me! Not really fight but paw at each other. It is like raising children.

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