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Been Here a Few Days

I am not sure how this all works. I wrote something and it has not been published. I read a lot here and I don’t comment much yet.  There does seem to be much confusion. I am wondering if there are many language barriers that cause some of it. 

Maybe this old Gramps is too old to be here and that Is why the information isn’t published. I figure I will give it another week and if nothing happens I will move along. My grandson says that all these sites are just bullies and I should stay away. He might be right.

I was just thinking this would help pass the time.

Hope ya’ll have a good day. 


What do you think?

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  1. I have done as my son suggested. I did read the rules and I was treated badly. While I did not mean to down vote or up vote any content there are no rules that say you cannot do it. The button is there for anyone to use. There are no limits or repercussions listed.

    The rules clearly say hateful and vile comments are not allowed. Tasartcraft clearly broke the rules.

    If I participate it will only be with his help so I can be protected and do things correctly.

  2. I am trying to scroll and I don’t think the arrow buttons at the bottom work right.

    umm, do people here normally say things like this “Been Here a Few Days: What the f**k is your problem downvoting ALL my ”

    Maybe this is not an okay place for someone who is older and not computer savvy. I couldn’t find directions. I kept hitting things until I could read more. If this is how people are treated I guess it’s not for me.

  3. Gramps a day ago
    Mine don’t automatically delete. Seems like a myth as, they are still there.Report

    tasartcraft a day ago
    Hi… Are you a new user…? If yes, you still probably don’t have enough notifications in your Read folder for them to be deleted… Many users had a lot of them (more than 20000 or 50000 of them – saved Read notifications) and it was very hard to delete them manually so this is a great solution the stuff made…!

    PS I see you have only around 300 points so far so you don’t have enough notifications… Also, you can choose to mark Unread notifications as Read if you want them saved or to Delete them if you don’t need them…

    • I thought I might get the hang of it, but with the message that was left as I was trying to use arrows to scroll I am not sure this is a good place at all. I am going to have to talk to my son. I can’t believe I was sworn at like that.

      • The arrows are not for scrolling but for Voting (= liking (vote up) and not-liking (vote down))… You downvoted several of my articles that way and I didn’t know it was accidental since there are some users that do such things IN PURPOSE like I told you in my comments above… I learned about you just after reading this article, and wrote about that in my comments above too…!

      • I am so sorry this was your introduction to the site. I am guessing that at the bottom of each post you saw an up arrow and a down arrow (because they are there and there is no real description. So you thought that hitting the up button would take you up and down button would take you down.) In many older programs scrolling works that way. I can understand how that could be confusing and I suspect you hit them up and down several times.

        I would guess that you went to that particular person to read her posts because she had reached out and answered a question.

        There is no excuse for the way you were spoken to , it is rude, crude and it doesn’t belong here. Some people may really not like anything I write and down vote it all – that’s fine. The problem comes when vile and filthy words are used, especially on someone who is brand new to the site. I wish I could tell you that it won’t happen again, but sometimes it does over and over.

        I think talking to your son about using this site would be a good idea. He may be able to give you some guidance and see if this is the kind of experience you are looking for.

        I don’t know if that kind of language is allowed, I do know it is not appropriate. As far as up voting and down voting. I believe there are no rules about hitting the arrow one way or another. It’s simply an opinion and not everyone and sometimes not anyone will like what someone has to say. Most adults take it as an opinion and move on. I am sorry you ran into one who doesn’t understand that opinions are fine when vile words are not attached.

        Adults respectfully disagree all the time and can be the best of friends. It seems that some people have not learned and maybe have no desire to respectfully disagree.

        Again, I would suggest talking to your son. I truly wish it hadn’t happened to you.

      • It’s bad that this happened! This is not what is usually happening here. It’s the only exception to the rule! I’m trying to tell you how you can see the posts on the site (English is not my strength but I hope you will understand what I mean): click on “Virily” on the top of the page. This will take you to a page where all new posts are displayed. You need to open each post you want to view, then return to the main page and open another post. I avoid this by opening each post in the new tab. You can do as you like. Do not use the arrow keys to scroll up and down! These are just “like” and “dislike” buttons.

        • Thank you I understand your clear instructions. I will never interact with the person who broke the rules and swore at me. My son says that this probably is not the place for me and he is probably right. He’s here helping me answer now.

          I thought even though I was old I could participate I can not.

          • There are many people of your age on this site (including myself). It’s a friendly site for people of all ages. You do not have to quit because of a small incident, but it’s your choice!
            Have a nice day!


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