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Are You Linked In To What Really Matters As A Writer?

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Well, to be honest, the headline doesn’t include every person in the world, but then, it does ask if you are linked in to what really matters to you, and that is writing, and sharing what you have written about. So, If this post has caught your attention, and you are still on my page then you must definitely take note about the rest of this post.

Did you know, that  there are over 30 million user-Pages on LinkedIn? If your page isn’t set up and also STANDING OUT, you’re missing opportunities to get your content in front of the exact audience that matters most to you as a writer, READERS!

With all the stuff happening about Google G+1. disappearing, according to the stats,  your LinkedIn Page is now, the perfect place to build your own brand awareness or to establish your personal brand, (mine is Tranquilpen) also called my writer’s brand.

 As a thought leader in your niche, you need to engage your readership, publish and share high-quality content.

If you are looking to become recognized as an authority in your field or subject, you can download your free Pages Playbook to uncover just how to get started with:

• The basics of setting up a LinkedIn Page

• Some great tips for publishing compelling updates.

• How to navigate your analytics dashboard.

• What content gets the most engagement on the internet.

• How Linked In built an engaged audience on their LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Showcase Page.

It is a 33 page Pdf. get it HERE


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