We Are All, But One Moment In Time, or 1.5 MB To Be Exact!

How Much Storage Space Does your Brain Need to Master Your Native Language?

I’ll bet you landed here, thinking that I’ve finally checked in at the “Cuckoo’s nest” or pretty dang close too it, right? Well you can hold your horses for a moment, because what I discovered below, was pretty amazing.

It turns out, according to scientists, that the human brain requires as much as 1.5 MB of Storage space to master your native language.

Just think, at one time, we were all babbling babies, with brains that produced only sounds no more complicated than adorable “coos”and “ahs”.But very soon during our early explorations, we began internalizing  our first words and soon they began to have meaning.

Now, in a new study, researchers have discovered that learning a language between birth and age 18 is not as effortless as we may have thought. What a group of researchers reported on March 27 2019, in the journal Royal Society Open Science, is that they have found that an average English-speaking adult will likely have learned about 12.5 million bits of information related to the English language.

A “Bit” refers to information that is stored in 0’s and 1’s, which is the typical format used in digital devices like computers. The human brain encodes information in a different format, but bits are used as a control. These researchers’ estimates are based on a several calculations and computational models.

The authors wrote in their study, however surprising it seems, in terms of digital media storage, our knowledge of language almost fits snuggly on a floppy disk. In this situation, that would be a floppy that holds about 1.5 megabytes of information, or the equivalent of about a minute-long song as an Mp3 file.

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No one could ever sing Whitney’s song quite as beautifully as she did, but my friends when Belgian singer Dana Winner above delivers her rendition rising up from her heart, there wasn’t a dry eye that night and I  also picked up a few sniffles as the lyrics progressed. Apparently, 10 and a half million other fans agree. May this song move you to where you want to be, if only for one minute in time


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  1. Some days it feels I am in this world and other times as if I took a ride to fantasy land My work and writing online keeps it real. My brain knows to switch between the two languages I know English and Latvian and I listen to music in both.

    • WOW Two of my favorite people feeling like they are out of sorts now and again. RasmaSandra and Ghostwriter!
      Nope, not strange at all read up on the very best of artistic folks, Pliny, Socrates, Shakespeare, Michael Angelo Rembrandt and you will see, you are not alone, What other person can sit down, often for hours in seclusion, and not be driven up the wall?, WRITERS!
      It is our stock in trade, or definitive sign of authenticity. And when we share the literary field of creative writing, such as we do, we are alone, but never lonely, I am write/right? Of course I am
      Love you both, is it okay to say that? Sure it is, it’s called poetic license lol.
      PS> check back here in 5 years and you will how many newcomers will say the same thing.

      • Andre you just gave me the right idea. Both Ghostwriter and I might sometimes feel as though we are detached from this world but all anyone has to do is read something that we have written. That is where we are in reality on the written page which proves we are very much a part of this world and able to express ourselves through the written words.

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