What’s Hiding In The Word “Interesting”?

The word interesting as a comment, is a “Loaded” word. It could imply, that certain elements of a piece of narrative appeals to the reader or leaves the person untouched, or stone cold. There is a razor thing edged difference between being polite and being out-rite rude.

In spite of what is commonly believed, the visible expression of rudeness in whatever form, requires a notable measure of explosive bravery, whereas implosive venting is a gesture by someone, timidly making use of a wordshield, like the word “interesting”. The word is my own creation for people who are too scared to say what they really feel about something. Using the word in that context, betrays the presence of an acute inferiority complex.

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I am not targeting any person on this site or any other article posting site for that matter and am merely questioning my own motives whenever I’m tempted to write down in the comments section, the word, “interesting”. I ask myself, am I writing it down because I simply cannot find any one of a multitude of parts I really liked about the piece, or because I cannot find even one positive thing to say about it?

In case you may or may not have seen the Irish comedy series, Mrs. Brown’s Boys, the Mrs. Brown character uses her personal brand of wordshield, in place of braver explosive utterances, is to say:“That’s nice.” Farce or comedy the most accurate mirrors of any society, If you are about to visit a new country or region, watch a local grown comedy video first.

Just, Who Do You Think You Are?”

Imagine someone asking you to explain what you do for a living and you are able to meaningfully answer, saying this:”I help people be themselves.” would that not be incredible, rather than rambling on about a whole bunch embellishments, to sweeten an imaginary image of yourself? Well, Caroline McHugh is able to say that.

Caroline McHugh:



What do you think?

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  1. I have always thought that if I see a one word comment and it is interesting I wonder if that person really read through the whole article or if they just glance at it and decided it is alright and interesting saves them from commenting further. If memory serves me I have never seen only this word in any of the comments directed at me on another site so that makes me feel good that the comments have shown me that people do like what ai have written and I am happy that on this site a one-word comment is not allowed. I will tell you when interesting becomes a volatile kind of comment. That is when I have or any other poet has poured out their hearts and shown their emotions in poetry and then are faced with the comment interesting. I sort of hangs real heavy there and the poet can just sigh and roll their eyes because it expresses nothing. I tend to avoid interesting as a comment unless it comes in a complete sentence expressing what I really thought about an article.

  2. I think I agree with you, Andre, though not completely. Why? Because “interesting” can mean really interesting or indeed said with the intent or meaning as you have said, especially if the word is written without any explanation. I noticed that the climate in Virily (as well the climate in similar platforms, like Niume or Tsu) tends to be “positive” in meaning; give good words or none at all! even if the praise merely praises of politeness, good manners, courtesy, fashion or action to get virils from commenting in addition to hoping there will be an act of repayment.

    Compare between how many negative comments or a criticism in Virily with positive comments, my calculation is 1:1.000K. Given that the general tendency in Virily is to “get points,” our efforts to notice, listen, find something less or more of a post, and appreciate honestly and “as it is” are not top of priorities.

    Apart from your reasons as stated in the title of this paper, “interesting” is also a word from some of the easiest words to write as positive comments. Virily has recently requested that a minimum comment is made up of 20 characters, it is a good move to prevent commenting on a word or two like “nice” or other, including “interesting”, though still, some of us just add a lot dot follow it.

    Hah! I have long chirp here! I spent almost an hour writing this comment carefully. So, is your post interesting? Of course, because this post is a mirror for me! Hopefully for others too.

    • What can I say if you’re nice, your nice and you are all of that dear friend. As for spending an hour on the piece, again shows your compassionate nature. You are being you! that is all this piece as well as the accompanying video seeks to convey. It was after all written about me and how I view the use of “wordshields” like “interesting” or as Mrs. Brown would say: “That’s nice when she used to use a very, honest four letter word followed by off! in stead, when actually, honesty is always being called for. We call people who bravely speak their minds, eccentric when in fact, they are being authentic! I think the following quote starts something like this:”Above all else Horatio, to thine own self, be true.” I dare say, this piece has certainly put the cat among the pigeons, somewhat. And tell me, Albert, when has a little healthy debate ever harmed anyone? Thank you, as always, you inspire me.

      • Totally agree! I think to be true is hard and need a big courage consider that truth in action, in general, is not favorable and unlikable. The healthy debate never harm anyone who has a metal heart that wouldn’t be hurt by any nails of any debate because most people will have a hole in their heart, even for not getting a praise!
        Btw, I always wonder every time you said “you inspire me”, as in your last compliment without me knowing the reason, though I should be grateful for that!

    • What can I say about your comment? Well, for starters your comment shows true character as the word in question which is followed by a word of thanks, indicates a few moments of time well spent. Thank you too, for reading and commenting, Kajal Arora. PS. I named my eldest daughter, Aurora, 30 something years ago.

  3. As have I, dear Carol, and as always, thank you for gracing my humble page with your presence. When I send a compliment, even a canned one at that, I really mean what I say, so having said that, you need to know, when I say, “you inspire me”, I really mean it. Ranking in the second place on Virily really takes what’s needed here. Since I haven’t even been on the list, I obviously don’t have a clue, Lol. Other sites where I write, my followers appreciate my writing style, and I’m comfortable and inspired by them. I’m really not into quizzes and realize that on Virily that is a HUGE thing. If you get a zero “0” score on the quiz below, you’ll see where I’m coming from

  4. Hello Carol, ever modest in the face of your achievements, in my book, that will get you everywhere you want to be my friend. When I select a compliment, like “You inspire me!” I really mean it. Ranking in position number 2 on Virily is no mean feat, since, in spite of what I write, or perhaps because of what I write, I’ve never even been on the list! Lol. Anyhow, I’m quite comfortable with this, perhaps foolishly choosing to be, “to mine own self being true.” Thank you for reading and commenting.

    • Hello, hasnatktk, As is your logo, or handle! Thank you for reading and commenting. Your word choice speak volumes to me. When we look through Caroline McHugh’s true mirror, we start moving ever closer towards filling our YOU shaped hole in the universe.

    • Hi, Lajenna, indeed you do my friend. I can attest to that. There are many writers and artists on Virily and together we all fill a wonder hole in the universe of love. Everyone is busy creating. Having said that, a few writers, such as yourself, just seem to put in that little bit extra. As always, thank you for that. May you ever thrive.

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