What’s Hiding In The Word “Interesting”?

The word interesting as a comment, is a “Loaded” word. It could imply, that certain elements of a piece of narrative appeals to the reader or leaves the person untouched, or stone cold. There is a razor thing edged difference between being polite and being out-rite rude.

In spite of what is commonly believed, the visible expression of rudeness in whatever form, requires a notable measure of explosive bravery, whereas implosive venting is a gesture by someone, timidly making use of a wordshield, like the word “interesting”. The word is my own creation for people who are too scared to say what they really feel about something. Using the word in that context, betrays the presence of an acute inferiority complex.

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I am not targeting any person on this site or any other article posting site for that matter and am merely questioning my own motives whenever I’m tempted to write down in the comments section, the word, “interesting”. I ask myself, am I writing it down because I simply cannot find any one of a multitude of parts I really liked about the piece, or because I cannot find even one positive thing to say about it?

In case you may or may not have seen the Irish comedy series, Mrs. Brown’s Boys, the Mrs. Brown character uses her personal brand of wordshield, in place of braver explosive utterances, is to say:“That’s nice.” Farce or comedy the most accurate mirrors of any society, If you are about to visit a new country or region, watch a local grown comedy video first.

Just, Who Do You Think You Are?”

Imagine someone asking you to explain what you do for a living and you are able to meaningfully answer, saying this:”I help people be themselves.” would that not be incredible, rather than rambling on about a whole bunch embellishments, to sweeten an imaginary image of yourself? Well, Caroline McHugh is able to say that.

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