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Well it’s Day 3 for me on the challenge quote. I figure it’s a great day to work on something that I need to remind myself about. This time of year I tend to dwell and the past and wish that things were as they were. Logically I know that is a waste of time and emotionally, it’s still what I seek.

So today my quotes are about happiness, because it really is a choice. My personal happiness is all up to me, unless I am willing to give it away. These are quotes that remind me of what true happiness is and how I can choose to participate.

It really starts in your mindset. Are you going to find happiness inside today or not? I am going to get very personal for a moment.  My brother, disabled with lupus, came downstairs to show me his neck. He has a long beard and so we only see his neck each day when we bath him. This morning his neck is covered in dry blood. We don’t know why. He may have had a seizure and hit something. If it was a seizure he would have no recollection. As I was cleaning him up I was humming. He said, “You almost sound happy.”

“Oh, I am happy, very happy. Everyday I get to help you on earth is a gift. You make the planet a better place and you bring me so much happiness, I am glad you are here.

He grumbled and I smiled.

It’s just a simple truth. You have find someone is worse circumstances with more happiness. Learn from them.

So here is what I would love from all of you! If you catch me forgetting that I have the choice, remind me!

As you also know, if you read my posts. I still have no one who will accept the challenge.  So this dies with me or you have to read mine till someone picks it up. I will go to comments and do what you wish.



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