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Angel of Light

Come to me in my darkness

I call out to you in distress

The darkness quickly closes in

There I see you in the shadows

Come closer so I can touch you

There you are so vivid and bright

Just beyond my reach

Why can I not touch you

Many questions left unanswered

I need to know are you ok

Why did you leave so soon

You know my love is forever

Hoping to find contentment soon

I will see you in my dreams

Angel of Light


Photos courtesy of Pixabay


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Good start. Now please write a heart-felt poem from a higher place, one that will bring joy and hope to others who may be feeling down. I look forward to seeing what you can write that is joyful.

  2. The transformation into a butterfly is a reflection of you. The evolution in your writing is outstandingly evident. Your poetry is impressive Carol! Keep going.

      • … Another late reply to you Bradley. You are such an inspiration to continue writing. I have to find that place to write. It is down deep in my soul. I can’t just write words. I have to feel them.