America the stolen!

Several years back I had the opportunity to lease the historic home of one of the original founders of this nation, the former home of Obedience Robbins, “Huntington”. His grave had been relocated back to the farm years ago by the Virginia Conservation Commission, to be placed just outside the old family cemetery that overlooked the mouth of Cherrystone creek, from a massive rolling yard. On this property was built the first tidal driven saw mill, powered by the rise and fall of tides, that were trapped in holding ponds, that are still there today, and possibly the first in America. It would take a novel to tell of this mans many accomplishments and life, from killing natives off their land, to establishing the first local government in the nation! There are multitudes of Historical information on this Colonial figurehead, and others who dominated the colonial era of the Shore. To study the history of the Shore is to study the birth of America.

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  1. There is a great publication online, “The History of The Eastern Shore of Virginia”, that coveres this bit, as well as other mentions of historic eastern shore homes and estates that I’ve had the enjoyment of helping preserve.

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