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So President Trump has got away with it – no great surprise there. However, there does seem to be a yawning gap between what he, his fellow Republicans (with one Senator as an honorable exception) and anyone looking at the case with an open mind might regard as the truth of the matter.

Did he ask the Ukrainian government to dig the dirt on the Bidens? The evidence says Yes. Did he threaten to hold back on a trade deal with Ukraine until they did what he asked? The evidence says Yes.

And where does that evidence come from? Several sources including John Bolton – formerly one of Trump’s closest associates.

So how come only one Republican Senator accepts that evidence? Could it possibly be that they fear the people who voted for them last time round and who will probably do so again? Hm! I wonder!

The impeachment proceedings in the Senate were supposed to be a trial, with the Senators forming the jury. In a trial, all the jurors are supposed to approach the evidence with an open mind and make their decision based purely on the evidence. But what happened here? The jurors voted not to hear any evidence! They then reached their verdict (with one exception) based purely on prejudice and political expediency.

So what prevents anyone from reaching the conclusion that the whole affair was a complete and utter farce?


What do you think?


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      • And what did not happen, Shift and the House managers pretended it did and could not prove beyond reasonable doubt.

        The bottom line is, the hated President has done nothing wrong and his impeachment acquittal is justly deserved and is right.

        • There were plenty of trustworthy people who were ready to testify that Trump did precisely what he was accused of, but they were not allowed to do so. Had this been a proper trial, all the evidence would have been available.

          It is very difficult to “prove beyond reasonable doubt” if the proof is not allowed to be presented!

          Even without that evidence, Mitt Romney was perfectly clear about what he understood to be the facts of the case – how come none of his fellow Republican senators were convinced?

  1. Utterly shameful. How anyone can even pretend that this was justice is beyond comprehension. America has once again chosen to soil itself in public. It will take a long time and a lot of work for it to regain its former reputation.

    • That is one of the – admittedly few – disadvantages of democracy. If the majority always get their way, those in the minority become second-class citizens because they can safely be ignored.

      In India, a tolerant attitude has in the past allowed Hindu and Muslim communities to live in peace in close proximity, but that situation looks as though it could break down very easily thanks to the majoritarianism that you mention.

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