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Suny’s Suggestions- Part-1

We shall talk about different things which are very common and probably on your mind. I know most of you, my friends know all these things and probably thinking about the same things.

But I think it’s time to write about certain common things which we should know.

By the way, as I said all these things are common and known to us but I believe that we find things like “Feeling great inside out” type of topics always attract us.

For instance, we all know that eating well is a great idea and we should eat a wide range of foods to ascertain that we’re getting proper amount of protein and vitamins but even then some of us forget it when it comes to eating food.

Here is a simple question? How many of you eat foods that contain enough protein and carbohydrates? Or how many of you know what food contains what you need?

Tell me about some good foods that one should eat to stay healthy!


What do you think?

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Written by Suny Ag

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  1. Well Mum always pushed that we eat our greens and usually out of the garden.
    Sometimes my body tells, me, vegetable water from cooked vegetables is great for digestion. Especially potato water.

    I believe in balance, something green, something orange or yellow or red which keeps cancer away, a type of carbohydrate potato or rice is better than bread and protein meat or vegetable that contains proteins.

    I believe onions and garlic keeps colds and flus in check. Vitamin c from citrus,

    Eat fruit and vegetables daily.

  2. I think sometimes it’s not that we “forget”, but we still crave for some unhealthy food. 😛

    Though I don’t calculate, I do try to eat those food that are considered healthy, such as fruits, vegetables, eggs everyday, so we might get a balance of the nutrients. I am trying to eat real food as much as possible, but we still consume processed or packaged food sometimes.


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