Words of encouragement can prevent suicides in England

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18 year old Hunter Paige who is a student at East Durham College in England is using her knowledge of writing words of encouragement that are placed on the Wearmouth Bridge that she hopes persons who are thinking of killing themselves due to a loss of a loved one or loss of a job that causes mental health problems like depression will think twice of jumping off of the bridge that crosses the River Wear.

Hunter knows that super heroes who can fly are fictional characters that cannot use their power of flight to speak to a person who wants to commit suicides like in the comic books, movies and television shows.

What Hunter is doing to have notes attached to the Wearmouth Bridge has been helpful in preventing at least six persons to report to the Northrumbia Police that when they read the notes of encouragement not to take their own lives. The messages tell the person to seek mental health to try to solve their personal problems.

Sarah Pitt who is the Northrumba Chief Police Superintendent recently awarded Hunter with a framed certificate of commendation for using the powers of notes attached to the Wearmouth Bridge not to jump off the bridge and end their lives.

The reason the police have reported that six people turned away from committing suicide could be that the other people who repented of their desire to kill themselves by jumping off of the bridge is that they want to keep that train of thought off the record.

Sarah may not be a real life Supergirl or Wonder Woman but she is making a difference in people’s lives in her city by having a potential suicide victim change his or her mind that suicide the way out of escaping life’s toughest challenges that after we all go through them, we become stronger persons of Godly character.


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  1. Nice, nice story. Here in Spain we watched not long ago some news reporting suicides represent nowadays a big percentage, can’t remember the exact amount, but it seemed to be a very alarming percentage.