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Why do women get easily attracted by older men

Have you ever wondered why do the women get easily attracted by older men? Even though this is not the case with all the women, the researches have shown that their number constantly increases. The experts claim that the women get attracted by the men’s stability and maturity. 

Most of the women are fed up by looking for the perfect man and constant intention to fit in so they eventually pick up for themselves a man who already has enough experience and knows exactly what he wants in life. 

The researches have also shown that the men who have already become fathers know exactly how to show love and tend to be more dedicated. Moreover, the men with greater experience and a financial stability leave the impression of stability and security over the women. 

It is true that sometimes the older men happen to be boring but their behavior and dedication is what matters most. The women do not care too much about the physical appearance as the men believe they do, as long as they can count on their partner. Even though the young men want to be in a relationship, they do not always give the woman the necessary attention. Most of the men are afraid of commitments which makes the women feel insecure.


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    • That´s where all the people get confused and are WRONG! I am not talking about the cases where the girls are 25 and the boys 70 but rather a couple of years older than them. For example I prefer a man 5 years older than me, than 5 years younger than me.

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