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Which way are you going?

Where are your feet running to? There are only two directions you can go. You can either run forward towards fulfilling your goals or you can be led down the bunny trail of misery, betrayal, and mischief. However, simple steps can be taken in order to ensure that you remain on the right path.

1. Know where you are going. The reason why you set goals so that you will be able to know where you are going. You must establish long-term goals that will keep your focus towards the future. However, you need to simultaneously set some short-term goals that are actually steps that will bring you closer to reaching your long-term goals.

For example, let’s say that you set a long-term goal of reading a 900 page book within a month. You could easily be distracted from reading throughout the month without structuring a short-term goal of reading 30 pages every day. That daily milestone would then inch you closer and closer to fulfilling the long-term goal of reading the entire book.

Basically, make your short-term goals an incremental version of your long-term goals.

2. Stay out of neutrality. The worst place to run to in the entire world is nowhere. Staying neutral is so deceptive because it appears that you are actually moving forward when you are really not. Staying in one spot is still moving backward because time always moves forward.

If you allow for your mind to remain stuck in the past, then the rest of the world will pass you by. Choose to no longer remain idle by moving around now. Make the decision to not be pulled back into mediocrity ever again.

3. Take time to rest. While you are progressing forward, make sure that you do not burn yourself out. Take one day out of the week to rest. The rest will allow for you to remain refreshed so that you will be able to reach your destination. Do not quit and never give up.


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