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Robin Biznis August, 2018, Belgrade, Serbia

Borca is part of Belgrade where I live. It has about 90,000 inhabitants.

I am a heart patient and I have 4 stents installed. I also suffer from Type 2 diabetes.

If the weather is nice, I need a walk or riding bike.

A few days ago, I was in a walk and on that occasion I made several photos.

The following pictures show the new primary school “Jovan Ristic”

The school started working on September 1, 2010.

It was named after the Serbian politician, statesman and historian – Jovan Ristic.

In addition to this in Borca, there are two other primary schools.

Within the school yard there are terrains for dealing with sports at physical culture classes.

Our children most like football and basketball.

It is known that our footballers are talented and compare them with the Brazilians.



In basketball we were the first on all major events. In Atlanta at the Olympics, we won the favored Americans and won the gold. The current trainers are known all over the world.

In addition to the school itself, there are terrains made by expelled Serbs from Croatia.



August 4.  1995  the Croats forces  killed more than 2,000 Serbs with the use of armed forces and expelled about 250,000 people.

They made ethnic cleansing and the crime that nobody condemned except Serbs.

But let’s get back to these terrains.

Those Serbs loved a game called “Balota” in Serbian.


It is a favorite sport in the Mediterranean, so it was applied in Belgrade too.

As there was still warm weather there were no people who were ready to play.

However, besides the terrain there were other pensioners who played chess, which is seen in the picture.

In addition to  Russia and Hungary, the Yugoslavia  s were the best chess players in Europe. We had excellent Grand Chess.

Best: Svetozar Gligoric,  Ljubomir Ljubojevic,  Aleksandar Matanovic,  Milan Matulovic,  Bora Ivkov,  Bojan Kurajica,  Dragoljub  Janosevic and many others.




When the weather became colder and the evening began to descend and the ballot game began.

It is played with two teams and 4 players each of team.

Each player has two stone balls. They differ in color.

Explanation of the term:


Bulin-target- small metal ball.


One team has red and the other is green ball.


First, a small bullet or a target is thrown on the track.


The goal of the game is that one team has as more of their balls near the target.



The end of the game is when one team wins the first 11 or 21 points depending on the number of players.

In the end, defeated waders from their money-maker symbolize the sum of money and pay the lost match.

To know that they do not play for free and have a motive for winning.

It fell dark, I’m going home.




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  1. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us. If it weren’t for blogging communities like Virily and another forum where another member there talks about Serbia, I probably wouldn’t know anything. So y’all took US out in the Olympics huh? I like to watch running, swimming and gymnastics at the Olympics. I don’t usually watch other sports unless the TV is turned on. The Americans must have been very surprised at the win. Ah well! We need to learn how to lose graciously. It keeps US humble. LOL.

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