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Tis the Year…

Tis the year of back to school for many. Most kids last year were targets for bullies and may be again this school year (2017-2018) as well. My middle child who is now 12 was one of those bully victims last year, which really upset me so much as the school “did all they could and were allowed to do”, yeah right! I know some of you parents reading this know this situation all to well.

Well, I have come up with a solution that is sure to work, but does take some time… After spending countless conversations with my daughters’ school Principal and School Board of Education, and getting literally nowhere at all with either. I not only taught my daughter to fight, but how to use it wisely, but this was not the way to solving her bully situation, neither did her back talking the bully work either. So I had a very good talk with her and explained to her about the Bible teaches us to use kindness against meanness.

So the next day I suggested that she ask her bully what their favorite kind of cookies was, lol he looked at her with “why would you ask me that?” type of look. So that night she and I made the bully his favorite kind of cookies (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip) and she took them in a zip lock to school. When the bully approached her, instead of letting him exchange rude comments towards her, she pulled out the bag of cookies, held them up and said: “I made these for you, I hope you like them!”… When she returned home, I asked how things went and she replied with “He was still mean, but he said thank you”! This went on for about a week and a half until one day she came home and asked if this kid could come over and play. She explained that he didn’t really have anything at his house to enjoy and that his parents would not mind since they were barely ever home.

Most kids that are doing the bullying are kids that obviously have issues at home and are acting out for attention. They don’t care to think of the attention they want to seek, instead, any attention they get works for them. But mostly it’s because they themselves are hurting and the only way to help them feel better is to hurt others. Let’s all work together in putting an end to bullies, seeing as the schools are not really doing much to help.


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