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This Is An Important Issue ~ Reality Check

I am interested for so many reasons in this story. I am not certain that taking a group of students to this event was a wise choice.  The best case scenario would be that everyone learns from this. The student probably need to learn a little more about Native American singing and chanting and what it is about. I found the chopping they were doing with their hands offensive. The clapping along and enjoying the song I didn’t find disrespectful. Perhaps they should have invited in into a round dance. The student and Nathan Phillips were         uncomfortably close. I believe both were trying to make a point, but I am not sure what it was. 

The screams of the adults screaming racial slurs was just ignorance and should be condemmed. 

I am also interest in what role Nathan Phillips played in the service. He may have been in the service during the vietman era, his age would indicate the war or conflict would have ended before he could have been drafted or joined. I am sure they just didn’t say “era”.

Everyone has their bias. I understand that. This is hard to watch and vile. Still I think it is an important discussion to have. This is tragic.’s all learn somthing here.

What do you think?

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  1. Just watching this and I already want to jump to conclusion. but i know nothing about this incident other than this video.

    I’m glad you posted this and reminded me that people, can sometimes get too quick to jump into things that uses righteous words that shout heroic slogans. I should be pulling the handbrake and not make that conclusion so soon! I remember in a talk show, someone said – while a picture may seen like someone is pushing another off the cliff, it can actually be the person trying to reach for the victim.

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