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The Puzzle Pieces of Me

I was sitting on the back porch this morning watching the dogs and listening to the chimes. I shut my eyes and felt the reverberation of the deep tones echoing through my chest. I’m not sure why I started thinking about this but it seems share worthy today. I think we are all puzzles; each day when we get up in the morning we have to put those puzzle pieces back together in a way that will allow us to function on that particular day.

I spent Saturday afternoon at a memorial service  for a woman that I loved dearly.  Her daughter and I have been friends for the last 60 or so years and I don’t remember life without Pat being in it. I spent Sunday morning in  joint worship with Beloved Community and Norwood Presbyterian. I got a glimpse of Pentecost from two perspectives, each reminding me that first and foremost I am a child of God.

Tomorrow is my 36th wedding anniversary to Thomas Patrick Donohoue. I am a wife that is more in love with her husband every day that passes. I am a mother that is proud of her two grown sons; listening to the deep, reverberating chimes I can reach back and see two little boys that needed me;  I wonder if they have ever realized how much I needed them?

I am still a daughter, even though my parents are both gone. Death does not destroy the roles that they played in my world or how much I love them still.  I’ve been blessed to live in a house that still echoes with the sounds of so many happy times – and the not so happy.

Every day I put the puzzle pieces of my life together to live into my dreams.  Good days allow the photographer to come out and play or put a book in my hands that I happily devour.  I spend my time as a child of God, woman of faith, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, running a non profit for children and as a photographer. I love what I can conjure from my puzzle pieces.  What do you build with yours?  


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Written by Cathy Donohoue

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