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6 Duties of Husband in Islam for a Healthy Nuptial Bond!

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Let’s discuss the duties of a man towards wife in Islam.

Give her Respect and Love

Respect is the basic right of every human especially in the case of a marital relationship. The man should give lots of love to his wife by admiring the positive aspects of her personality. He must understand her needs and should grant her the rightful freedom.

Morally Support his Wife

The wives need physical as well as mental support during pregnancy that is the most difficult phase of her life. Many modern age husbands disregard the significance of this condition of their wives. This is not an ordinary stage of a marital relationship as wife needs full attention and support during and after pregnancy.

Strengthen the Marital Bond

A husband must ensure to meet the physical needs of his woman. There is no limit prescribed yet Islam orders him to meet the sexual requirement to the point where the wife is not committing a crime by eyeing opposite gender with the intention of satisfying her needs. If a man is not taking care of the physical needs of his wife, then he is sinful and will be severely convicted on the Last Day. Raising kids is not an easy task. Since, most of the fathers think fulfilling all the financial responsibilities of the family is their basic concern, and they are rightful in this thought, however, mothers do need some moral support from the fathers.

Provide complete Financial Support and Sustenance to Wife

Allah SWT obliged men to provide the basic amenities to his wives like security, suitable clothes, comfortable home, and adequate food. A husband must understand that he is the guardian of his woman and he has to take care of her comforts and needs.

Take Care of her Emotions and Privacy

The woman is a sensitive being and an emotional creature. It is important that men understand this concept and deal their wives with patience and compassion. He must not make the wife angry by mental torturing her and giving her unnecessary depression. Being lovable and kind is the key to a successful marital relationship.A husband should provide her grooming necessities so that she can be presentable for him. They should also keep themselves clean and presentable in front of their wives.

Decide with Mutual Consent

The husband must seek his wife’s approval while making any decision of marital life. It will create a bond of trust and she will feel her worth. Husband and wife share one of the most beautiful relationships in Islam. It is a sanctified bond in which two people enter to fulfill Sun nah and gain the pleasure of Allah Almighty. This relationship also meets the natural human need to create family and share life with someone special. For smooth going of this marital journey, Allah has duty-bound husbands and wives.


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