Tell it Wednesday

Today is hump day and I am sure the ones that work outside of the home are very excited. I have two boys that are now in school and I am happy that I can get back out there and work, but I am going to start working from home to see how it goes. I have a bachelor degree in Paralegal so I am able to do a lot more than what I thought when it comes to my freelance writing.

I am going to be writing a few things about the Law that can help a few people if needed and I am a huge politic junky as well but that is only because there is some legal stuff going on where some people need to be locked up. Well, today my two lab females decide to bark their little heads off outside so I had to bring them inside for a bit. They are inside as we speak trying to play with the boys but they are on the video game at the moment.

Let me just say my Wednesday is just chill and wash towels basically because cooking was not an option today. I cooked yesterday so I am taking a break and letting everyone eat what they want a little bit. I still have a say so when it comes to the kids eating haha, but since everything in our home is healthy I am good. I was told that this “Tell it” was a good idea and I want to thank everyone that thinks so because I thought that it was a great idea too especially if you are on multiple sites where you write a lot of different things lol.

I love this place and I am going to Tell it all every day that I get on because I love talking about my day and the hilariousness that goes on within it. I may do a story or something later down the line because I am a creative writer and hope to have my first short story done soon so that I can put it up on Amazon. Basically, my Tell it Wednesday was me sitting here listening to a tv show and writing my book because I am getting very serious about writing now.

I hope that all of you are doing great and I hope that you have fun today and remember that the weekend is almost here.


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