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What is Stress? How to Manage the Stress?

Stress is full being developed when you’re in a surge. It’s a disquieting disease, a contention with your adornment, an occupation going bad. It’s the need to maintain a weak parent and a store of unpaid bills.

Stress has many faces, and crawls into our lives from different heading. Notwithstanding what causes it, expand disturbs the body and the psyche. It surges the body with expand hormones. The heart pounds, Muscles tense, Breathing vivifies. The stomach upsets.

The body’s reaction to push was sharpened in our old conditions. Everything considered called the “battle or-flight” reaction, it has helped people survive dangers like creature assaults, flares, surges, and fight with different people. Today, clear risks like those aren’t the rule things that trigger the anxiety reaction. Any circumstance you see as devastating, or which foresees that you will conform to a change, can set it off. What’s more, that can spell load.

Unending strain can actuate hypertension and coronary malady. It can hose the secured framework, developing shortcoming to colds and other basic contaminations. It can add to asthma, stomach related disarranges tumor, and other remedial issues. New research even sponsorships the likelihood that lifted measures of stress some way or another animate the creating system.

Notwithstanding how anxiety is unavoidable, you can help control your body’s reaction to it. Exercise, reflection, summoning the relaxing up reaction, and care are marvelous strain busters.


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Written by Ali Shehzad

I am a net worker, looking forward to make the life easier as far as the financial constraints are concerned!


  1. Stress can kill you. Seriously, I have seen it happen. After losing my son I almost lost my life.
    That is only one of many examples of what stress can do. So everyone please take care of yourself.

  2. You are right! Stress is very dangerous. We must always be vigilant and should not be careless and assume as trivial because it often settles in the mind and body secretly until it is too late to realize and managed effectively. This is an important post, Ali.

  3. Great article and videos. It is impossible to live a life without any kind of stress, but it is important to find the where the stress gets into our lives.