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Sky Sunday – Ihumatao Road

This is a road near Auckland airport, it goes out into Ihumatao village, where their land is in dispute.

It is precious Maori land and I am hoping that these issues will be resolved and that the Ihumatao tribe rescue this land. They have been back by Maoris but it is also needing issues to be resolved. I don’t know the situation but hoping that this historical land will be restored

Fletchers wanted to make it into a Housing area but what they propose will ruin the lungs of Auckland

Here is a beautiful part of this road and I like it as is minus the dumped rubbish

Don’t be fooled by the blue sky, we have had rain as you can see

What do you think?

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  1. These kind of disputes are universal. We are having one just now. Government is in the process of cutting down 2700 tress for a train car shed and environmentalists are fighting. But government will win as the ruling party has a major vote. Sad but true.

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