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Sky Sunday – A variety of Skies

The Thumbnail is in Auckland CBD. Unfortunately I caught my thumb on the cell phone, but I like the crisp formation of the Cumuli Clouds

Here is a series of photos over time, mainly taken from my cell phone.

#1 Starship Hospital – Auckland Central

There is Auckland Hospital and inside is the "Starship Hospital" that is the children's hospital

This is taken from a waiting room inside Auckland Hospital.

#2 Morning Sky

I meant to capture the moon in the sky, a full moon, but the reflection of the light of the room was captured on the window.

#3 Full Moon

Taken from just outside the door.

#4 Full Moon through the trees

Very nice to see a full moon.

#5 Morning Sky

Sunrise from the garden.

#6 Titirangi Lopdell House

This is an art gallery plus cafe as well and there are rooms here for art classes. 

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