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Poem: A God Given Talent

Blessed are the people

that can see perfectly

the insides of mankind

To do this

one must  be in tuned

having God given intuition

Then to be able to

separate confusion

with the truer self

called understanding


People than feel the feelings of others, in my opinion has a gift. This gift is a blessing, because being able to know someone sometimes better than they know themselves is unique and powerful. I have been told many times that I can read inside someone feelings just by talking to them for a few minute. I knew a couple years ago for just a few minutes, and I could tell them what was lacking in their relationship. The wife told me I inspired her husband so much that he started to fix up their basement. The feeling to be able to know what would help someone is a great powerful feeling.

Try Me

Tell me a few things about yourself, and how you feel about life in general, or something that is troubling you. I maybe able to help you understand, and change somethings. I am not a physic, I just feel I have God given intuition.



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Written by LaJenna

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  1. Wonderful poetry. God is ever knowing of all and always guiding us. I see you have put your poem into lifestyle I have posted some poems here and put them in art which is the better category for poems? I wish there was a category like creative writing.

  2. This is a very sensible post, I think its easy to see others. Often others see in me what I don’t see myself. I think people are all sorts of people, you can’t buy a garment and say, “One size fits all” as some people come from different wave lengths, and yet we share a human frame be it man or woman.
    I don’t know how it works but I believe I do what you do.


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