Online Affair Comes into Trendy

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Some people are starting to enjoy the attention they can get for having a love affair online. Love blossoms of being acquainted with people in social media. A stranger becomes a lover in the long run. Weeks or months are enough to build a rapport between the two people who are starting to build a good relationship. For both parties, they do believe and cling to each other. There are only two things happen in having an affair online: the truthfulness and lies on the web.

The exchanges of messages to each other will be so addicting and wish to be together soon. Distance is not the hindrance to being in love virtually. It is like an illegal drug that once being hooked, the difficulties of getting away from stopping oneself. The daily routine as a normal individual had changed and close friends can notice the difference. It seems the world is so beautifully experiencing and wanting to have more.

The virtual love can lead to having an “eyeball.” It is where the two souls will agree to meet each other. Hoping the virtual love affair will remain the same in flesh. For some people, if there is nothing change, then they had found true love that started as an online affair. Others who thought it was really turned to be the result of deception. Personal information can be seen virtually and some people can portray to be somebody that dreamed of the others.

If people seek for virtual love and wanting to escalate more than that, then it is better to hold back the feelings before it turned to be a full-blown situation. We don’t want to get hurt in the process of getting know each other if the truth had revealed upon seeing each other. There is an excitement and risky at the same time. A perfect combination of living in lies just to deceive others, it can work out but not totally one hundred percent guarantee.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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