Modern Students Became Netspeakers in Using Modern Gadgets

The students are becoming lazy in learning the English language because of the usage of netspeak terms in mobile phones, iPad, computers, etc. It cannot be denied since even adults are starting to use it as a form of communication with the loved ones and friends.

At first, the introduction of the modern gadgets. People had their love at first sight in sending messages. For traditional old folks, they continued the typical writing their messages in complete sentences. The younger adults started to experiment in knowing how the youngsters do netspeak. It wasn’t a perfect world and things had changed. It will continue to change as the years go by. There is another set of modern technology will be introduced to people.

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The concern was raised when students starting to fail in their English subjects. Even the teachers are worried that modern gadgets changed the student’s way of communicating. The literacy rate had decreased and it will diminish its fluency when these students will continue to use netspeak on a daily basis. Most of these students are having difficulty in spelling the right words, grammatical errors in the construction of sentences, etc. It will affect the real worth of learning the English language of the students.

The best course of action is to discourage the students to netspeak in using modern gadgets. Parents should also support such course of action. This will be the best thing to do than neglecting the problem. In the modern world, it seems normal to communicate with the usage of terms in netspeak. Netspeak can be used when chatting or talking with friends. But then, it surely needs to discourage in making some reports or projects at school.


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Written by Steven Gamboa