First Date is Crucial for Men

There are some males who don’t know what is the best for the first date. It is a fact that the first date is a failure. That’s the advantage of players or men who are the womanizer. It is not also considered as a compliment. These people are so insensitive if they hurt other people along the process. It is a big difference for men who are so sensitive in loving someone or somebody.


The first date is so crucial for the men to have. It is so simple way to have a good impression on the first date. The succeeding dates will be easy since both known each other. The best thing for the first date is to ask someone or somebody out in a quiet restaurant. It seems unrealistic to have candlelight on the table. But, it is a picture-perfect of having a romantic first date.


Having a date in a restaurant is an opportunity for the male to know the special someone. It is a perfect chance to look at the eyes of the person whom he is starting to fell in love. It is a misnomer that men are not romantic. Men are naturally romantic in a perfect plan of having the first date with a lovely woman.


Watching a movie is not a good idea for the first date. The logical reason is that both of them cannot able to focus and the eyes are fixated on watching a movie in the theater. It is not also good to have a first date in the park. It might be crowded and the personal intentions cannot be able to carry out. Women are so weak in seeing a man with sincerity in their actions and romantic as much as possible. It gives a big chance to say “yes” in a relationship.


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  1. I think a movie together is a wonderful way to get to know someone. Dinner is nice after, but the movie provides something neutral to talk about. I don’t think people actually date anymore where I live. I would rather just “hang out” together.

    • I do think it is ideal to have a friendly date as a starting point. In my country, some young ones are quite impulsive when having their dates. Thus, it is still considered the make or break situation for having the first date.

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