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My Week From Hell


Last week was a very turbulent week for me, what with one thing and another.  You know the kind of thing: chaotic, full of mishaps, just about everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I blame that Supermoon we had! Surely being such a big full moon, it must have had an effect on events here on earth? I’m just sharing this to get some relief. I often find it helps – better out than in!

Things that happened over the last 7 days:

  1. I caught the flu – had it all week, and am still feeling rotten this week;
  2. My laptop broke and I had to buy a new one (money I can ill afford);
  3. The student I met on Monday who agreed to do the photos for my Cookbook pulled out of the project a day or two later,  so I have to find someone else now;
  4. My welfare payment was messed up – they have only paid me about ⅓ of the amount they should have paid me, reason being they had received incorrect information about my income, i.e, that I have been earning money over the last few weeks (I haven’t). So I had to make an appointment to see someone about it yesterday,  and take my bank statements to prove I haven’t been working. I will now have to wait around 1 week for them to rectify it.
  5. My piano lesson booked for Saturday was cancelled.
  6. I had to cancel a meal out planned with friends on Saturday  night as I couldn’t get a table at the restaurant at the intended time (and I was ill as well).
  7. I was invited to a job interview, and the email only gave the time and date of the interview, did  not say venue to attend! And email was one of those “No Reply” ones. No phone number to call either, so I had to search the internet to find contact details, sent email waiting to hear back.


So many frustrations and knockbacks! It’s really beaten me down. Hopefully the unlucky streak will come to an end at some point.  None of these things are major disasters, after all. I’ve been through so much worse in my life, so I know I will get through this irritating, up-and-down phase.

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Written by Maggie Bailey

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    • Yes it does Alex. I am very philosophical – I have had to be, given the sort of life I have had (very troubled, from childhood upwards). I know it is how we see things that makes all the difference. I just had to write it down and share it to get some relief, get it out of my system! Felt better afterwards. As I said in the last sentence, these things are nothing really, as I have been through so much worse. Everything is relative, I guess.


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