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My therapeutic escape

Today I had Crisis Prevention Institute training at my job, which lasted only three hours; even though it was listed for six! I want to point it out that I love it when I have training at my job because there is a Goodwill thrift store that sits two miles away from the work site. It gives me that extra thing to look forward too when I’m in the area, but if you are a thrift shopper you know how I feel. I use thrifting as a form of therapy when I want to clear my head, and have also used it while dealing with stress from a relationship as well as stress from during the semester. I have even visited thrift stores just to look at items with no intention on buying anything. For me it is an escape from reality because I get lost in looking at clothing; vintage items; ornaments and old antiques stocked on shelves. When I see certain items I think to myself, wow! The things that many consider junk! I wonder what was the reason for donating this item whether it be an old antique or a clothing item.

Two years ago, I got into fashion which gave me another reason to thrift, and you would be surprised to find that many people with good senses of fashion shop at thrift stores regularly. I have even shopped at local thrifts to buy items that are in great condition just to sell them on eBay, and at times have come across items that have tags still attached. In this case, I guess the previous owner did not like the item and figured that they would donate it or maybe they could not return it at the store they bought it at.

Thrifting can be a terrible habit if you cannot control it, but for me I make it a goal to get rid of something that I currently own if I fall to the indulgence of purchasing something that I fell in love with while shopping, because I do not want to be looked at as a hoarder. I have gone with the goal of spending a certain amount because you would be amazed at what you could find. I have even walked around with a handful of items and prior to heading to the register I would weed out the things that I truly do not need.

I looked at several items, but settled for a faux leather jacket by Xhilaration, and three pairs of jeans by brands such as Lucky Brand; Blank NYC, and Big Star, which I plan to share pictures of me wearing on look book website.

To all that are not thrift goers, I encourage you to see what thrift stores offer because you might find something that you need, or get lost like me looking at some of the unbelievable items that some consider junk. You might find something with minor defects that needs nothing more than cleaning and a little care to extend its life, plus there is no shame in trying to live on a budget! Especially in this day in age.

Thrift shopping is all about going into the thrift shop and having no expectation of what you might find. – Benjamin Hammond Haggerty


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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!


  1. You found some great finds. Some people donate due to estate sales I believe. To get rid of so much stuff they have when someone passes.

  2. I drop in local thrift stores sometimes but am not quite satisfied with the range. I have to look through many ordinary old-fashioned things to see a real catch!!! In spite that it is a good stress relief, I try to choose nature, church or good concerts instead of thrift stores.

    • We have some very good ones located within the city. Just looking at items, it takes me into a whole different world where I’m bemused at what others view as “junk”. I’am sure others look at what I donate and think the same because there are things that I donate that have more life left, but I personally got bored with the item. Thrift therapy is just one of the stress relievers I have : )