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Thrift confession

I have this fetish with faux leather jackets which I now have five total hanging in my closet to this day, but none that are brown! I have been looking for a brown faux leather jacket for some time now and have seen some while out shopping, but none that were my size. I know that I can simply order one off of eBay easily, but I am quite positive that I will find one on sale at a thrift store which is my reason why I stopped at this Goodwill location.

I figured why not and went inside with the goal of spending less than $10.00 which pushes me to prioritize the things that catch my interest that I lug around the store prior to heading to the register. I purchase for fashion purposes mostly with the desire to wear, share and then sell on eBay or either donate to a local thrift store if it does not sell on eBay when I get my wear out of it.

As for my confession, I looked around at several items in the jacket section, but ended up falling in love with and purchasing a faux leather jacket by Express that fit me well, and a light jacket by Ruby Rd.

“I’m obsessed with leather jackets!” – Joanna Garcia

Faux leather jacket by Express

Faux leather jacket by Express

    • So true, and it’s the reason why I to as therapeutic reasons also. Whenever I go, I try to look at every single aisle because I don’t know what item I may find 🙂


Jacket by Ruby Rd.


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    • Lately I’ve been looking for more dress shirts because I need more colors to wear with my huge selection of ties. Expect to see an edition with that at some point : )