Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 13): Lineage

Once you learn about your past, then you will be able to tackle the future. The adversary looks to trip you up presently by using tactics that worked against your ancestors. By looking at your lineage, you will then be able to see how your previous relatives dealt with oppression and became victorious over the opposition. I’m dealing with the number 13 specifically in Part 13 of this series because the number 13 represents rebellion and opposition. Here are four simple steps that you can use to see successful results manifest over your enemies.

1. Know your heritage. You need to know the strengths and your weaknesses of your family tree. Once you do an assessment of your heritage, then you will be able to develop your strengths and to minimize your weaknesses. As a result, you will be able to withstand whatever challenges that may come your way.

Also, looking back at your heritage will also give you the inspiration to push forward. With this month being Black History Month, I partake in the fact that so many of my ancestors have laid their lives on the line for freedom. Learning about what they have done in spite of so much opposition develops the courage within me to continue on with this series and to show others how to overcome as well.

2. Stop holding on to your hurts. Face it. Everyone is not going to like you. If someone hurts you, then do not allow for that instance to stop your entire life because they already moved on to prey on someone else. Keep moving on so that your opposition will lose confidence. That’s why I am so impressed with all of the gymnasts that were assaulted by Larry Nassar because they did not allow the hurt to stop them from winning titles and from excelling in life. Holding on to your hurts does not allow for you to grab your victory.

3. Embrace the light. Light always causes for the darkness to go away. This analogy must be used to always go towards right and not towards wrong. You must always choose to gravitate towards the light because if you choose darkness, then your heart will become colder and colder. Plus, your light will allow for others to escape from the deep darkness of depravity.

4. Keep your past in the rear-view mirror.  Always continue to move forward. Keep your past in the past no matter what. If you focus on past negative experiences, then you will not be able to take advantage of new opportunities. If you focus on past positive experiences, then you will become complacent. Keep the past in the past.

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  1. Forgetting the past means to put the past in the rear view mirror so that as you are progressing forward, the past remains within your realm of vision. There’s no need to look back when the reflection of the past remains in front of you as well.

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