Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 17): Conquer!

I hope that Part 17 changes your mentality for the better. In life, we face many adversaries from time to time. We are always taught to defeat our opposition, but that allows for your enemies to come back against you in the future. The goal is to totally vanquish your opposition so that you can move on to your next battle without fatigue and without baggage from previous clashes. Here are four steps that will allow for you to become legendary by displaying absolute carnage against your foes.

1. Declaration.  Declare to everyone what you are going to do. Post what you are going to do to your foes. When someone attacks you, then write out a simple game plan on how you will solve the situation. For example, anyone who disrespects me ends up being pulverized. Every day that I wake up, I declare what my foes will have to deal with when they get out of line.  My favorite execration is listed in the link below that will open up in a new tab.

King James Version: Psalms Chapter 109

2. Destruction.  After you declare what will happen, then you must implement your enemies’ path to destruction. Carry out your game plan. Locate the weaknesses of your adversaries. Exploit those weaknesses whenever opportunities arise. Remember that they are trying to take you out as much as you want to take them out. Allow for the manifestation of your declaration to be carried out fully against the rebellion of your enemies. Destruction allows for you to gain the upper hand against your foes because they fight you due to them thinking that they have the upper hand over you.

3. Demolition. As you are destroying your opponent, you have to make sure that they never rise up against you again. Once you gain the upper hand against hindering people, you must then go all out in demolishing your foes. Do not leave one iota of confidence within their brains in order to make sure that they will not fight against you again.

4. Disposal. Your destruction and your demolition of your opponent must be so fierce that others will see what was done when somebody decided to rise up against you. Make the display so gruesome that people experience from afar what happens when somebody messes with you.

As different events throughout the globe are pushing the entire Earth closer to World War III, there is more urgency than ever to deal with annoying people that are within your life. The time is now to conquer.

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    • Alex, you are correct. After the Assyrians would conquer a new city, they would then transfer the people to another city and move other people into the newly conquered city in order to disrupt future outbreaks.