Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 15): Shout!

Sound disruption is the quickest and the easiest way to change negative vibes that are around you into positive ones. Shouting charges the atmosphere so that you will be able to overcome when you become overwhelmed with circumstances that may be occurring within your life.  Whatever you are going through, you need to shout.

The problem with society is that when people shout, the shouting is usually associated with a child throwing a temper tantrum or when a person is angry at another person. That’s not the type of shouting that I will be talking about. These four principles will discuss how you can use shouting constructively so that you will be able to overcome any obstacle in your life.

1. Shouting ensures that people will not be able to figure you out. People will always look to place limitations upon you so that they can take advantage of you. When you shout, people cannot discern how you are feeling. Shouting makes you unpredictable.  However, there are only two certain times in which you can shout for your own benefit. These two instances will be covered in steps two and three.

2. Shout when you are happy. Learn to shout when you are happy because shouting will allow for your heart to reach a new level of joyfulness. Happiness is only temporary; you must have joy in order to remain upbeat even when you have a day when you feel off from your rhythm. Shouting when you are happy will cause for you to be more grateful for the good times that you have in life. Appreciate the good times by shouting because that serves as proof that you have conquered your past.

3. Shout when you are sad. When circumstances in your life turn unfavorable, then you should not allow for your emotions to be suppressed.  Keeping sadness bottled up leads to uncomfortable outbursts of anger.  Instead of turning a negative situation into an even worse situation by seething with rage, let that emotion go by shouting.  Shouting will relieve the pressure before you reach the breaking point.

4. Shouting properly will increase your impact. Shouting allows for you to be heard by more people.  As I shout out these important principles about shouting, more and more people will read this post. There’s no need to be an attention-getter; all that you have to do is shout. Shout right now. YYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!  Don’t you feel better?  Of course you do. Use shouting as an advantage instead of shouting when you are at a point of weakness.

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