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Many perceive loneliness as a negative thing. After all, man is by nature a social being who needs to be in contact with others. Nevertheless, loneliness has positive aspects that should not be forgotten. Voluntary loneliness, giving joy and satisfaction, improves human health and harmonizes his inner world.

Scientists have pointed out that lovers of loneliness are more sensitive to others, better able to notice the desires, needs, fears, and anxieties of those around them. People who feel comfortable with themselves better cope with tension and stressful situations than others.

It should not be forgotten that loneliness can sometimes be painful – when people get away from reality because they feel unable to cope with their problems. Such distancing is a neurotic behavior when a person deliberately avoids contact with others.

Loneliness can be not only neurotic but also healthy and beneficial. In this case, a person withdraws from reality, avoids communicating and refuses emotional ties with others. It is a short-term insight into your inner world.

When we are able to spend time communicating with ourselves, enjoy ourselves alone, our body benefits from it. Man recovers spiritual balance.

Loneliness sometimes becomes the best company, and after a short break, we experience a pleasant return. Nonetheless, society tends to condemn people who love loneliness. Usually attributes negative qualities to them as associative personalities and egoists or hermits. Loneliness is thought to be the loser of losers.


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  1. Ever since I became all alone I find it a relief not to have to deal with anyone but myself and the cats. The only problem is since all my work and socializing have to do with the Internet I don’t get out as often and when I do I feel funny being around people.

  2. I consider solitude more rewarding. Loneliness, true loneliness is depressing in my opinion. But if you are in solitude, you chose to be there, and it is temporary. Loneliness sometimes can be forever.

  3. It often depends on your point of view of what loneliness is.
    I have never felt alone sometimes when I am alone, and then I have felt very alone with a lot of people.
    I need both, time to think and reflect, to meditate. sometimes being with others to communicate ideas and companionship.
    Artists are often solitary people and I am fortunate to have another artist as a husband. Most don’t understand creative people, because they are not creative.
    We are quite often companions as we share our unique experiences.
    No being alone is not losing, it is how you live in your aloneness

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