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Do You Like the Color Red?

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We all have color preferences. I like the color red. I’d say that I am addicted to it. I think that it is hot, attractive, seductive, sexy. It is a strong color. I have recently read that red in Psychology means having a strong character.

Here are my preferred red things:

♦  red bags ♦  red roses ♦  red shoes ♦ red shirts ♦ red velvet curtains

♦ red blouses ♦ when the sky turns red during a sunset ♦  red belts

♦ red lipsticks ♦ red cars ♦  red hair♦ red wine ♦ red handkerchiefs

♦ red dresses ♦ read earrings ♦ red headbands ♦ red nail polish

♦  red lingerie ♦ mobile phones with red panels ♦ red apples

Do you like the color red?

Thank you.


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