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Your Life Has Purpose and Meaning

I never thought too much what makes my life or the living so much different, or I dare to say happier than the next person.

The thing that makes me get up every morning and keeps me going the entire day is a sense of the purpose.

I never doubt or question if my life has a purpose or a goal because I know it has.

I never even once doubt in that statement or gave the opportunity to anybody to make me feel any different or to doubt in the meaning of the life itself.

I met lots of people with grandiose expectations and the self-image that borderlines with a psychological deviation, but when met with a failure they will usually lose not only a self-.-esteem but almost every belief that their life has a purpose and meaning.

These are the usual trivial things, like not getting a desired promotion, more money or accolades from the coworkers or the bosses.

This sort of the thinking is highly disturbing to me because in my opinion if you are healthy and have the people who love and support you, you yourself should be grateful.

The only place we truly have to live in our body and the only thing that matters in our life are the people who care for us.


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  1. There is a fundamental content in this post, a strong and effective principle. Such creeds are very important and work well as a source of life. This is not a trivial thing, although many people find it so. Especially concerning the meaning of life, which has obviously dropped many victims.

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