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LaJenna’s Needs Her Virily Family: High Blood Sugar

I wish a few days ago had not happened. I had a glucose tolerance test done on me. I had to fast, then drink a sugary drink, and then have blood drawn from me every hour for three hours. The first reading was from the fasting which was 115, which is somewhat high but not critical. Then, one of the readings was 235 for my blood sugar, which is a high reading.

I have to go this morning for another blood test to see what medication that I might need to help me with this condition. I am going to ask to talk to the doctor about how I should start eating. I think I am more than a borderline diabetic.

I had the test, and my A1C was about 5.9 which is average. Then later in the day my blood sugar was 136. Now I have a blood-sugar meter, and have been testing it several times each day.

I will start exercising again, because I do not want to become overweight. Please, if you think you could have this condition start eating better right away, and then make an appointment to see your doctor.

Now days later my morning my reading was 122 before eating breakfast. This number is not as bad as it could be, however, it is still too high. If I eat just one sweet treat then within a short time I want to sleep.

Virily Family-I need a pep talk! As you all know yesterday was Easter, and I think my blood sugar was high due to eating two desserts. I ate normal in my opinion that day, but I guess maybe I was wrong by eating that second dessert. I ate one dessert at my mom’s house, then one for the supper meal at my mother-in-law’s house.

Now I feel hungry more often, so please give me some advice.  Thank you!

I need to become more physically fit, by exercising and eating healthy. I do not want to become a diabetic.

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  1. I am sorry that you are going through this! I think you found the problems soon enough and I believe that with a proper diet and your doctor’s advice, everything will be better soon! How are you feeling now?

    • My blood sugar is a little high this morning. Could be because I had a late night snack though. Going to the doctor this morning, so we shall see. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Definitely drink a lot of water; not only does it help clean your system, it helps you feel full. I had to cut sugar and caffeine out of my diet completely as a teen due to insomnia and I’ve never looked back

    Although if you’re trying to lose weight, caffeine can help boost your metabolism. Green or black tea might be good choices for you but make an effort to get rid of sugar entirely

  3. I am a type 1 diabetic. Meaning I have to take injections to battle my sugar. I have been diabetic since my second son was born 31 yrs ago. The best piece of advice is, if its White don’t eat it. Ever. Like what Courtney (Mommy of Eli) Carbs are poison to a diabetic. You can count carbs as straight sugar. So read labels. Also, if its packaged of boxed, and canned. Try to stay away. No fried food, and protein is your friend. You also have to watch the fruits you eat. If you have to splurge do it in the morning rather later in the day. I get really strict as the day goes on and my nighttime meal is no carbs at all. This is hard to do but manageable. Get out and exercise as much as possible, but check your sugar after you do, you don’t want it to get too low. Drink a lot of water! I hope you aren’t diabetic, but if you are its manageable, I am a snack food junkie!

  4. What works for me (and I have been diabetic almost 8 years) is eating low carb. Even all the meds they have put me on don’t lower my numbers unless I eat a low carb diet.

  5. That’s why I can not give advice. But three or four years ago, a friend of mine told him his sugar was high. Drugs were written to him. We had to do research in a specialized clinic. In the end, it turned out that everything was fine.

    • Thank you carol for your insight on this problem of mine. read my response to Albert’s message and see why it is hard for me to stop stress.

  6. Either my suggestion will be useful or not to you, but my main way of maintaining health is meditation and affirmation. Another thing, I never let the worries stay more than three seconds in my mind.

    • Thank you Albert, I will try the 3 second worry limit. My sister lost her son, then I have someone that is mentally disabled trying to play mind games. i am trying to help him but he just ignores me. Stops taking his medication, and then has mood swings, and I am caught in the middle. So Albert how do I do the 3 second limit? Thank you for your advise, it is helpful

      • O, my dear friend, 3 seconds is the limit to worries, not the limit of thinking to find a solution. We can think more clearly without fear, worry, anxiety because it’s all just something that makes the mind turbid.

    • Oh yes. Stress plays a huge factor. If I am stressed my blood sugar goes through the roof. This is why I love getting out and hiking. It serves so many purposes. Lowers sugar and stress.