Healthy Journey 2018

As I have stated before, in 2018 I am going back on the ketogenic (or low carb, high fat) diet. I need to lose weight and get healthy.  My diabetes was controlled well a few years ago, but these days it isn’t. I have tried Keto before and know it works.  I just need to stick with it.  I can’t keep waking up with high blood sugars, it just zaps my energy and I feel bad all day.

I am going to post here frequently to keep track and be held accountable for my health.I have not decided yet if I am going to post daily or just once a week.  I may end up just writing down the stuff I want to share and post that every Friday (just an example).

I need to lose quite a bit of weight (around 90 pounds).  I know it will be hard and will take time.  I didn’t put it on overnight, so I know it won’t come off overnight either.

I am only 4’10, so I should be somewhere around 100 pounds to be at a healthy weight. When I was diagnosed as a diabetic back in 2010 I did get my health under control and lost 75 pounds. Now, 7 years later I have gained most of that back.

Here is to losing that weight again (plus a bit more) and getting my diabetes under control.

Do you have any goals for the new year?  I would love to hear your goals/resolutions for 2018!  Let’s make 2018 a great year!


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  1. I wish you luck with your goals, and I think that sharing them with people helps a lot!
    I don’t have particular goals, but exercising more and spending less time in front of the computer is a good start. 😀


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