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God Loves You

God loves you just the way you are, even with your good or bad traits. You do not need to impress him by doing many good works that tire you out. He loves you so much that he sent Jesus to die for your sins, to give you eternal life, and to make you a better person each day. “How great is the love the father has lavished on us,that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!”(1 John 3:1)

All you need to do is believe in what Jesus did on the cross and trust that the father will come for you in his time. You need to be watchful and prayerful until Jesus comes again. As you wait, live each day with an expectant and joyful heart because you are a true child of God your father.


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Written by Gina23


  1. I am not a religious person. I always seem to be in extremes between atheist and being agnostic. I find it so fascinating how folks believe in a all powerful deity.

    In earlier days I would have posts like yours annoying and irritating. But as I got older, I came to understand that God fills a need that it has nothing to do with religion.

    Great post !