The gemstones are the crystals, rocks and organic materials used for making fine jewelry. Some other names for the gemstones are the jewels, gems or precious stones.

As of industry, these gemstones have no practical application ( yet) and are mainly used just for the adornment and some people consider them a high energy sources, even if that is not entirely proved.

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In common usage, a various gem bares certain value which is transferred into a  monetary value, which can be extremely volatile.

Gemstones can be divided based on etiology, organic and not organic minerals but also they can be divided into a precious and semi-precious.

Semi-precious gems are all, besides the are diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald, which is considered precious and have multiple bigger value than the semi-precious.

There are also the artificial gemstones. They can be either simulated or imitated or synthetic, cultured or lab-created.

The first group has the looks and color of the natural stone, but no chemical or physical characteristics, while the second group is completely identical.

The only difference is a price which is evidently, the lesser.

The rarest gemstones are not the diamonds, which can be created under the lab conditions usually for the industrial purposes.

Those are the various mineral stones found in the old queries across the world – like the Madagascar or Russia.


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