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Elevator ~ 365 Photos Challenge #227

With the elevator, up or down, we know exactly why we do it because we know very well what we need to go up and why we have to go down. But is that exactly the same as life? I doubt it.

People generally want to keep going up and up, higher and higher and are don’t want to go down, let alone fall. All things that can be done to rise, continue to be done, sometimes by heeding all means, ignoring integrity, conspiring, stepping on other people’s heads, sucking up the energy of others to have higher climbing power, and continuing to manipulate the minds of others in order to survive above. What for?

Of course for comfort, power, ownership, domination, and all the luxury that can be obtained. Then most people will say that it is humane. What?

No! That is amnesia! People forget totally their spiritual life mission. People forget that we are spiritual beings in meat outfit. Total forgetfulness about the past, where we came from and where we will return has made us only have the desire to go up, just to be entertained by the flickering diamonds or all that is shiny. Very few people learn to go down – except mountain climbers or tower workers, of course – learning to be down happily, learning to enjoy all we have or not as it is with joy, and learning and taking wisdom from every fall.

Whether up to what height, we still want a higher, more beautiful one, which is better, more comfort, continues and continues without stopping. In fact, many people know about this, but amnesia makes us not know why they should be down, not complaining much when they fall. Can we live a life like using an elevator, knowing why we have to go up and for what to go down?


What do you think?


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  1. There is a great line from the original Star Trek show, “for the world is hollow and I have touched the sky.” I suspect it has stuck with me all these years because it does show that at some point the elevator will reach the top, the sky of a hollow world.

    • Cool! That’s a very cool and challenging point of view, Doc. Maybe, we with this carnal outfit and age will not have the opportunity to touch the sky, but in other ways. But, someday, maybe we will have a chance too, and if that happens, hopefully, we will remember this conversation.

    • Thanks for your compliment and thought, Branka.

      About the way I delivered the idea, I cannot openly say something that is not yet in demand, outside of the senses, or that does not look shiny and tempting other than little by little trying to show the door which behind it there is a wonderful miracle of self.

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