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Dreams are nice…

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We all have dreams.

I do not mean those strange visions we have while sleeping. Those moments of REM sleep or even hypnagogia, more correctly hypnopompia.

Oh no, I am talking personal dreams of achievement, success, of wealth and happiness.

I am talking of the princess who finds her frog really does turn in to a handsome (and very wealthy), prince.

The knight in shining armour who sweeps the most beautiful girl in the world onto his stallion, before galloping away into the sunset, where they live happily ever after.

These are the dreams, the desires that run through our minds at random times. Like wishing a long lost relative leaves you their entire estate in a will, or your numbers come up on the lottery jackpot.

Not that this is all about money.

If we are honest, it is not the money that matters. It is what that money can do for us. The benefits we perceive great wealth will bring.

I think few, very few if any, would be happy just sitting looking at a stack of dollar bills or pound notes, a stack of gold bullion, or staring at the amazing number which appears on the balance sheet of our bank account.


We would all want to do something with the money. For some it is an ocean going yacht, a Ferrari, or a private jet. Possible all three.

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Others might want a house or two or three in various parts of the world. Nice clothes, bags, shoes, watches, jewelry. That kind of stuff… I right….yeah, you know I am.

Do not get me wrong. I am certain most will have some part of their brain that says ‘hold on, slow down a little’. The sensible bit, the bit which tells you to spread a little of that luck to family and friends, to give a little to a needy cause.

The bit that says invest some, save some. Have fun, but be a little cautious with the rest.


That is what most, if not all of us are wishing for. Dammed right.

But here is the problem. We are wishing, dreaming, hoping.

Well, guess what? Hope is not a plan. Hoping will not get you very far in this life.

Trust me I know. I have hoped for so many things during my life at different times; so trust me when I say that one is down to the avarices of Lady Luck herself.

What you need is a plan. A rock solid plan.

Well, maybe not rock solid. Not immovable. But a firm plan, slightly flexible, malleable. One that has a set goal, steps to get there and a time period for each.

It may not make you an instant millionaire or an overnight success, but they do not exist either; they are just dreams, figments of imagination and Hollywood pseudo-legends.

Talk to the true self-made rich, the wealthy and the successful.

Their life did not come on a silver platter. They did not wake up one morning rolling on a bed of diamonds and Rubies.

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It took time, hard work, failures and disappointments. But they did have a goal and a plan. The plan had to be altered, adjusted, but the objective remained the same.

Ok, so not all of us want to commit ourselves to years of hard graft and a billion battles to become multi-millionaires and that is fine, our own ambitions do not have to be quite so excessive.

As you all know, or at least many of you do, I am a writer and have a number of published books. Each of these were at one time a goal of mine; to write the first was a long battle because, as with anything you do, the first time is often the most challenging.

So, your next aim could be to complete a book, to achieve a higher grade at school, to get a better job or a promotion, or maybe to afford a larger home. We can set our own objectives to suit ourselves.

Each of us is different, we do not all have the same want. We do not all have the same tenacity or claim a certain intent. But we all hunger to achieve something more from and for ourselves.

To be assured of attaining those things we must steel ourselves and be willing to make some sacrifices.

We do not have to alter, but our attitude to succeeding and triumphing often does.

Dreams are nice to have too, but please save them for when you are sleeping.

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© Paul White 2017

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  1. Dreaming is something very cool. I and the crows often dream. Cars, yachts, planes, or diamonds do not matter to me. If you have everything, you do stupid things. Everything within the limits of the normal of me personally likes me.

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