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Danish winter swimming for real Vikings

Some years ago I’ve published some articles about winter extreme sports in Scandinavia, for example, Dizzying rally and extreme driving experience within the Arctic Circle.

If you still do not have enough adrenaline, there is another winter entertainment that can turn anyone into a real Viking!

So, let’s learn some exciting facts about Skagen Winter Swimming Festival.

Every morning the participants of the event will be, oddly enough, with great pleasure dive into the icy sea water to obtain extreme sensations. And all the uninitiated viewers will only be able to stand on the shore, watch the action and drink various hot drinks.

This challenge will require you to have incredible strength of mind and good health, because you will have to swim in raging waves with a wet cold wind. Follow the example of the Danes of retirement age – for them it’s just a pleasant entertainment!

After the winter swimmers get out on land, they will also be offered to warm up with tea/coffee / mulled wine/wines, fragrant soup and hot chocolate with rum and whipped cream! And then everyone can go relax in the bar and listen to live music.

Skagen Winter Swimming Festival 2020 (Jutland, Denmark) will start on January 23 and run until January 26. If you can’t visit it this year, do not worry – the festival is annual.

 Welcome to Skagen and conquer the force of nature!


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