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Cross the equator by boat

One of my dream-plans at retirement is to cross the Equator by boat. At least once. It would be awesome if we go around the earth in eighty days! Do you agree?

The photo above of the beach highlights the picture in my head about this ambitious, expensive trip. While at it, we might go shopping spree by night in Barcelona’s La Rambla square. I could picture a whimsical, wonderful experience that I will always remember.

No, it’s not near the Equator, checking our globe. Probably, we’d fly to Barcelona from New York.

I think, this is what relaxation at the beach does to some people my age of outlandish dreams.

Photo:  Original. Copyright 2020.


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      • Back home I have toured many States. I took a Europe package that had 7 countries, The US Package tour took me from North, South East and West, a bit of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Nepal
        I also took a cruise of the Bahamas.

        While in the US I also spent time with friends and extended family

  1. Nice idea! I mean crossing the equator (which I never have done) by boat, not sitting on the beach putting my skin at risk, which I can bear for about half a day 🙂 Have you been to Spain? One of my favourite countries for a break. Also, thankfully, within easy reach by cheap short-haul flights from here.

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